Munich’s giant whoopee cushion


The FIFA World Cup came to Germany in 2006 and to accommodate this huge sporting event many stadiums were built and the most spectacular was the Allianz Stadium in Munich which was designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron of Switzerland. This huge three tiered arena holds just under 70,000 people and has a playing surface of 8,000 square metres. The outer walls of the stadium are amazing there are 2874 huge foil panes which are inflated a bit like one of those fancy foil balloons you get at events. The foil can be lit up any colour with a monstrous lighting system making the arena a spectacle in itself each panel can be lit up independently and are usually lit in the home teams colours on match day. The stadium in affectionately known as “Furzkissen” (whoopee cushion), because of its shape.

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