The Frauenkirche


The Frauenkirche or the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady is one of Munich’s most recognisable and magnificent landmarks. The two monstrous red brick towers were built in 1525 and is the largest church in the Bavarian capital located right in the heart of the city at Frauenplatz 1. Visitors can climb the 100 metres of the south tower for magnificent views of the city and through to the alps on a fine day. The church received some very nasty damage during the Second World war with the roof collapsing and one of the towers very badly hurt but major restorations over the last 60 years has brought this building back to its former glory. Inside the cathedral there is room for over 20,000 people and it features an amazing collection of 14th to 18th century artwork including works by Jan Polac and Ignaz Gunther. One of the church’s highlights is the Teufelstritt or Devil’s footstep at the entrance, ledged has it that it is the place the Devil stood to ridicule the church and the builder.

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