The Galerie Rudolfinum


The Galerie Rudolfinum is the home to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra who are regarded as one of the world’s finest. Beautifully set on the banks of the Vltava amongst lovely manicured gardens the building was once home commercial operations but the Czech Savings Bank bought the site in 1874 and decided to utilize the building as a house of arts to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Located in-between the Old Town and Lesser Town the Rudolfinum is in short walking distance to other prominent Prague galleries and performing arts centres including the Academy of Decorative Arts, and Facility of Philosophy. The beautiful neo renaissance building also houses a art gallery which focuses on contemporary art and shows exhibitions from many new and emerging artists. The building was also home to the provisional seat of Parliament of the Czechoslovak Republic from the 1920’s but after the second World War the Czech Philharmonic were given the facility back again and in the 1990’s it was rebuilt and modernized to suit their purpose and restore many of the original features for many years to come.

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