The Potato Museum

If there is one thing almost as popular as beer, pretzels and pork at Oktoberfest it has to be the humble potato or “Kartoffel” in German. Around Oktoberfest they are normally presented as a tasty shredded potato Pattie that has been fried in hot oil and served golden brown with apple sauce but at the Potato Museum the potato is present in art form along with a bit of history of the Potato. The Potato Museum or “Die Kartoffelmuseum” is claimed to be the world’s only museum that is dedicated to the potato and is fittingly situated in Munich. So if you are heading to Munich for Oktoberfest this year make sure you try out a tasty Kartoffel like the one pictured above or even head over to the Kartoffelmuseum, their website link is below, its in German so you may want to run it through a translator to get the low down on location and opening times etc.

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