The Stalin Museum

Nasty old Stalin

Nasty old Stalin

We like off beat museums at tripandom and there are plenty of them around the world, but very few are dedicated to dictators. One such museum is the Stalin Museum in the city of Gori, Georgia. The museum shows the life of the Russian dictator Joseph Stalin who was born in the city and went on to lead the USSR from 1922 to 1953. The museum features his personal train carriage, his childhood home as well as many artifacts from his life as well as plenty of statues and artworks of him. Hit up the next page for a short news video about the museum as well as the link to their website where you can see a few galleries of the exhibits.

YouTube direct

Official website

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  1. #1 Vlada
    on Jan 27th, 2009 at 2:04 am

    Stalin was more than a nasty man he was sheer evil and should be used in the same context as Hitler

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