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The Town of Kiruna is Sweden’s northern most city and is home to an iron ore mine and is in close proximity to Sweden’s space port and the Ice Hotel at Jukkasjarv. The most interesting thing about Kiruna is that the city of around 18000 people is on the move. The iron ore mine that sits 1 klm under Kiruna is starting to cause problems for the town, with buildings starting to crack as the town sinks into the void left by the removal of iron ore from under the town. To get around the problem Sweden has decided to move the whole town up the road to a much safer location, the construction has already started with a new sewer line ran to the new location. Roads and rail will probably be next and eventually over the next 20 years or so all the buildings and houses will be rebuilt or put on trucks and carted up the road, this includes the towns huge town hall and historic church that both will need to be cut up into section to move. Between 30 May to the 15 July Kiruna is bathed in perpetual daylight as the midnight sun sits in the summer sky.

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