Won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz


Stuttgart is the home of Mercedes Benz and in 2006 the company opened what is probably the best automotive museum in the world. This magnificent building is a piece of art as its self but houses a priceless collection of Mercedes Benz memorabilia with one of the finest auto collections on the planet. The centre is set out on a time line with the horse and buggy at the start of the journey and the future at the end with all periods of its 100 plus year represented along the way. Highlights include a celebrity gallery where vehicles owned by famous people are on display here you can see a Mercedes Benz ‘Pope Mobile’ owned by Pope John Paul II, Princess Diana’s convertible Benz, Ringo Stars Car and a range of other huge names including kings, presidents and movie stars. The centre also boasts a huge new car display area where you can see every product they produce.

Map of Mercedies Benz Museum Stuttgart

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