Dubai to knock back Hooters plan

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The popular restaurant chain Hooters which is very popular throughout the US for its food, well lets face it- it’s hot waitresses wearing tight T Shirts and short orange shorts has sold franchises rights to a company in Dubai for a Dubai chain of restaurants. The plan was going pretty well and with so many American and western people working or visiting this booming city the owners of the chain could see huge success awaiting, with the first Hooters expecting to open later this year. Then along came the Dubai Department of Economic Development and they pointed out that hot waitresses wearing tight T shirts and shorts isn’t really the thing to do in Dubai as it is in violation of the Muslim Emirate’s “Religion, tradition and Culture”. So we now have a bit of a stand off and it looks like Dubai Hooters may not get to its opening day, which some say cast doubts on some other western concepts being tried in the region. Time will tell whether the mighty dollar or tradition and culture win.

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