Homer size giant donuts


You might have seen this giant donut in a few of the Simpson’s episodes but im here to tell you it is real. The donut can be found in Inglewood California a suburb of Los Angeles on Manchester Blvd. Unfortunately it isn’t made of dough but the donuts Randy’s sell are huge. Randy’s isn’t the only giant donut in the US there are quite a few others including Kiddles it can be found at Normandie Ave Los Angeles. Kiddles sell a Texas sized glazed donut which is over 12 inches wide and full of artery hardening stuff. LA is also home to the Donut hole, this one is like a tunnel you drive in it can be found on East Amar Rd, La Puente. So if you are feeling hungry while driving around Los Angeles- you now know where to go.


Randy’s Donuts

Map of Ingelwood, California

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