Mc Spam? only in the USA


Spam has been notorious over the years for being the mystery meat in a can, no its not made of cute little kittens it is in fact made of a mixture of ham and pork with some spices to add a bit of flavour. In Hawaii they love it, they are the worlds largest consumer of this tasty product and now giant fast food giants Mc Donald’s and Burger King have got in on the act and are selling it on their breakfast menus. Mc Donald’s have 78 outlets in Hawaii and are trying their special eggs, rice and spam meal until the end of July. After then they may ad it to their regular menu if it becomes a popular as they expect. Hawaii’s 7 Eleven chain have also got on in the act, and hope to attract some of the huge Japanese tourist numbers to their stores with a Spam musubi wrapped in rice and seaweed… how yummy!


Satellite Image of Hawaii:

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