The real Casa Bonita is not far from South Park

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Many of you may know the name Casa Bonita from the South Park episode where Cartman tricks Butters into hiding for a week so he can go in his place to his favorite Mexican restaurant. In fact Casa Bonita is a real Mexican restaurant located in Lakewood, Colorado (just like the fictional South Park). Casa Bonita was once a chain of restaurants but only one now remains. The restaurant seats 1100 and has attractions like cliff divers, caves, flame jugglers and Mexican dancers, making the South Park depiction of Casa Bonita fairly accurate. The Restaurant is designed to look like a Mexican Village and its big seller is the all you can eat dinners. The video above is of the popular cliff divers diving into the restaurants artificial lake. If you ever get to Casa Bonita let us know what the tacos are like.

Casa Bonita Website

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  1. #1 George
    on Oct 27th, 2008 at 7:52 am

    You don’t go for the tacos. It’s hard to taste them with the chlorine hanging in the air from the pool. But I’d fabricate the end of the world to go there any day.

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