Vending machine cafes


Ever wondered how you could order food in Japan when you can’t speak the language, well don’t worry the vending machine cafe’s are the place for you. There’s no need to go hungry ever again just pop your yen in the machine, select the item you would like for dinner from the photos and out pops a receipt ticket. Take this to the counter and presto your dish will be prepared in a mater of seconds in front of you- it’s that easy. There are plenty of vending machine restaurants around the major cities of Japan and they are amazingly cheap. For only a few hundred yen you can have a soup, rice and meat dish, salad and even a beer all ordered from the vending machine. Most of the restaurants serve ramen (which is noodles) or Gyudon which is a tasty meat stew and there is also a popular pepper steak franchise which serves sizzling plates of spicy steaks. The vending machine cafes are cheap, clean, and very tasty not forgetting the easiest way to order food in Japan. They are well worth a try.

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