Elvis is alive…..isn’t he?


Well most of us have come to the conclusion the King of Rock and Roll sadly passed away in August of 1977 but there are some die hards who just can’t bring themselves to accept the facts. Well who knows maybe Bill Beeny might be right, he put his Elvis is Alive collection on internet auction site eBay and got him self a cool $8000 from a guy called Key. The Elvis is Still Alive Museum museum is currently housed in a transformed a coin operated laundry an hours drive from St Lois. The new owner hopes to move it to Laurel in Jacksonville or even to Hattiesburg in Mississippi- No one really knows why?. The $8000 got Key a huge collection of photos, books, and memorabilia of the King and even FBI files and DNA reports which support Bill Beeny’s evidence that Elvis still lives. Well we are all hoping that the Elvis will turn up to the opening of this new museum and set us all straight… only time will tell.

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