Superman’s hometown- Metropolis, Illinois


A small town located on the Ohio River in Massac County, Illinois with about 6500 residents is the home town of Superman. Some may say its Smalltown but in January 1972 DC Comics declared Metropolis the “hometown of Superman”. The town is now home to a Superman Museum, a Superman Festival which is held every June and the Metropolis Daily Planet Newspaper but the best thing about this town is the cool superman statue outside the courthouse, in his blue tights and red Speedos and cape. As well as the 15ft high Superman the town also has a beautiful Superman mural which shows some great scenes from 1930’s circa DC Comics, there’s a 2.5 million dollar Superman Museum but the man of steel better keep away from the corner of Third and Ferry Street as there is a huge kryptonite meteorite dangerously waiting to bring the super hero to his knees.

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