Saddam Hussein museum to open in Iraq

Nasty old Saddam

Nasty old Saddam

The people of Iraq have been through a bit of a bad time of late but the government is doing their best to put the troubles of the past behind them and get on with business. One job was to get the national museum in Baghdad reopened that has been closed since looters almost cleaned it out after the US invasion, now the government is looking into where to house a museum dedicated to former dictator Saddam Hussein. Apparently despite all the looting there was still plenty of Saddam paintings, statues and other memorabilia floating around the place (thanks to the average dictators love of seeing themselves across their countries). Now that all those Saddam artifacts are safe under lock and key the plan is to find a suitable home for them, probably in one of his former palaces. Would you go to the Saddam museum? let us know below.Full Story

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