101 storeys above Taipei


Taipei the capital of Taiwan is home to one of the worlds most spectacular and tallest buildings the Taipei 101. Standing 101 storeys and 509 metres high it was the first building in the world to reach over half a kilometer high. While the top floor is a private club there is a amazing observation platform at the 89th and 91st floors, the upper one is infact outdoors, both offer 360 degree views of the city below. Several restaurants including Diamond Tony’s and XEX a Japanese restaurant occupy some of the upper levels. Ground breaking for the tower started in 1998 and the tower opened to the public on the 31st of December 2004 just in time for what has become a tradition the huge New Years Eve fireworks and display. The tower infact turns into a huge NYE clock. At night the structure is especially beautiful lighting up the surrounding sky with a different colour of the rainbow for each day.

For more information: http://www.taipei101tower.com/

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