A croc of a cruise


Ever wanted to come face to face with one of the worlds most feared creatures in its natural habitat, well Australia’s Kakaudu is the place. Imagine taking a majestic cruise up the South Alligator River and watch salt water crocodiles glide by. The Yellow Water Bilabong is the place at the end of Jim Jim Creek not far from Jabaru. Experienced guides point out some of the spectacular scenery and magnificent wildlife from canopied cruise boats. Kakadu is home to not only crocodiles but nearly a third of Australia’s bird species including magpie geese, eagles and the magnificent Jaburu stork. At the begining of the cruise to satisfy safety regulations the crew explain the important rules for an emergency including where the life jackets are kept, only a brave person would want to use them in this croc infested area.

For more information http://www.yellowwatercruises.com/

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