Nemo’s new tank at Disneyland opens today


Everyone’s favorite little clownfish has a new home Disneyland Anaheim visitors can take a submarine journey through an Australian reef to search for Nemo, the famous clownfish, on a new underwater ride, Well not entirely new the 20,000 Leagues Under the sea attraction which was originally built in 1959 has had a $205 million dollar and 3 year makeover to make way for Nemo. The huge pool has been converted into an artificial Great Barrier Reef, just like the one in Queensland Australia only plastic and resin, there’s even a lost civilization under the water. The ride takes 12 minutes and uses the eight 40 seat submarines from the earlier ride, this time they are yellow refitted and the motors have been changed from diesel to electric. The ride uses some amazing cutting edge technologies including projected Nemo animations. There are plans a foot for a quiet a few more new things at the Disney parks over the next few years, attendances are not a huge as they were a few years ago as competition in the theme park market is getting hot up with Universal Studios and others cutting into the audience numbers.


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