On the rocks in Sydney


In the late 1960’s city planners and designers thought the old Rocks area would make a great place for a futuristic (60’s style) high rise precinct. The entire area was to be bull dozed including some of Australia’s oldest buildings and replaced with steel and glass buildings of the day. Fortunately enough people had enough passion to stop this plan from becoming reality. Today the area is one of Sydney’s jewels, and the grand old lady has a few of them. Set under the Sydney Harbor Bridge the Rocks today is a tourist and leisure area with dozens of restaurants, hotels, cafes, craft and tourist shops and some of the countries oldest pubs. Saturdays and Sundays are made even more special with a huge craft market stretching the length of the Rocks. Many of the buildings have been restored to their former glory and will hopefully grace Sydney for centuries to come.

Map showing The Rocks Sydney


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