Spam Museum- sure beats an art museum


In the good old days Spam wasnt a bad email it was some kind of canned meat product which contains ham and pork and today it is as popular as ever. Since 1937 over 6 billion cans of the stuff has been sold and over 90 million cans of it were sold last year alone. A version of it became very popular during the war when food was scarce and being supplied in an air tight tin became a great food to send to the troops. So why not have a museum to celebrate this amazing food. The 16500 sq foot museum was actually a KMart before being tranformed into this wondeful gatronomical centre of fun. The museum is in the home town of Spam, Austin in Minnesota. And guess what there’s a great gift shop at the end of the tour where you can buy some great spam stuff, tshirts, novelties and of course a few cans of delicious Spam. The best thing about the Spam museum is it’s free!

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