Stonefridge or should it be Fridgehenge?


I’m sure if you did the stats on Tripandom you would find the good old USA has the highest number of weird and unusual stories, and we are going to ad another. Today our story is from Sante Fe in New Mexico. You have all heard of the ancient ruins in England called Stonehenge well Sante Fe has its own well sort of, instead of huge monoliths of stone they have old fridges. But what’s even stranger we did a bit of a search and found a few other places in the US have built their own as well. The Fridgehenge was created by Adam Jonas Horowits, who thought maybe 200 old fridges might brighten up a bit of old land fill land. Like Stonehenge there were no machinery used, and there is no mention whether there was any alien help Horowitz didn’t align the fridges to the stars but instead to Los Alamos National Laboratories Nuclear power plant. Over the years the ‘artwork’ has been covered with plenty of graffiti and is a great home for lizards and rattlesnakes.

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