The Giant Rocking Horse


How’s this one kids, a huge rocking horse, well it doesn’t really rock unless its pretty windy but is sure is cute. This great family attraction can be found in the Barossa Valley in South Australia’s wine country at Gumeracha about 40 minutes drive from Adelaide. After a few of those beautiful wines you might think you are seeing things but this horse is real. It is actually the outside a toy factory which manufactures a range of wonderful wooden toys. The rocking horse is a very popular attraction with thousands climbing it every week- and what’s even better you can get a certificate of achievement award for climbing this monstrous pony and the views of the rolling hills are great.

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Map of Gumeracha, South Australia

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  1. #1 Rebekah Hanley
    on Nov 8th, 2008 at 6:06 am

    Hi my name is Rebekah Hanley. I think that the Giant Rocking Horse is really cool. I went there last year and my stepsisters thought it was really cool as well. I’m coming back again at christmas but with my dad this time. And from the gift shop my stepsiters and I git a recorder each and there really cool to play with. I hope I have even more fun again this year just like last year. See u at christmas!

    From Rebekah Hanley

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