Tourist ride plunges 50 metres


It was nearly tragedy last night in Hong Kong, a tourist cable car which has been dogged with problems since opening had a carriage come loose and crash to the 50 metres to the ground. Fortunatly the ride had closed an hour earlier and nobody was hurt but it nearly fell onto a busy road. The attraction is part of one of Hong Kong’s most popular attractions is the giant bronze Buddah ” Tian Tan Buddah” which sits on the Lantau island and attracts over a million visitors a year. The 5.7 km cable car opened just over year ago and cost $HK1 billion to build taking over two years to complete. They have had a series of breakdowns since opening one that left 500 visitors stuck in the air for 2 hours. The project aslo has had some problems with management. The cable car will remain closed until a full investigation is carried out and the Government officials are sure it is safe.


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