World’s biggest pineapple


Well in case you haven’t noticed here at Tripandom we love everything kitsch and what could be more kitsch than a giant 30ft fiberglass pineapple. This magnificent structure is on Queensland Australia’s Sunshine Coast outside the town of Caloundra. The pineapple is part of a tourist park and pineapple plantation. Here visitors can see how these tasty sweet fruits are grown on a wonderful train ride. Visitors also can join the Nutmobile to see how macadamia nuts are grown. There’s a animal park, and a number of other great family attractions on hand plus a great cafe and of course the gift shop. Map of Caloundra, Queensland

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  1. #1 Billy
    on Nov 23rd, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    sa-venues.comThis is a baby.

    This one has 3 floors and @ 16.5 Metres is King Pineapple.

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