The 787 Dreamlier launched tommorow


Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner will make its premier tomorrow at 3:30pm local time at Everett in Washington State USA. Boeing are expecting over 100 million viewers to watch the largest corporate telecast in history in 9 different languages. The premier will in front of 15,000 guests who will all get to see the first of Boeing’s new airliner.
Boeing are claiming the 787 will the most high tech passenger plane ever produced, with much of it being made from composite materials. It is expected to use 20 percent less fuel than a similar sized jet airplane and be much quieter. The plane is expected to make its first commercial passenger flights in May of 2008, over 580 planes have been ordered by 45 different airlines making up an amazing $90 billion in orders.


Map showing Paine Airfield in Everett Washington USA

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