QEII the final voyage nears


Cunard’s RMS Queen Elizabeth II is currently sailing though the Magellan Straights of the South American continent on its way to on one of its last voyages. The ship is probably the best know of all ships (except that of the Titanic of course). Launched in 1967 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the craft has sailed over 5.5 million nautical miles and carried over 2 million guests. The original cost of building the ship was just over 29 million pounds over 15 times that has been spent in the last 40 years refitting the craft, and it is not over yet. The ship is going to be the centerpiece of a new development in Dubai called Palm Jumeirah and is going to be completely refit to match the original 1960’s decor then become a luxury floating hotel as part of the monstrous palm shaped island entertainment complex. It is expected the ship will be open for business some time in late 2009.

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