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Amsterdam’s Tulip Museum Shop

Well forgetting the dope smoking, the canals and of course the tasty Heineken nothing symbolises Amsterdam like the Tulip and no visit to this fascinating European city is complete without a visit to the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. Located at Prinsengracht 112 beside the canal and in easy walking distance of Central Station and many of the major city sights. The museum shop has a wonderful array of bulbs, flowers and everything tulip. There are some lovely souvenirs, books, prints and even specialised gardening tools and equipment. The perfect place to pick up some mementos from Holland for your friends back home. The museum will send bulbs by post overseas but please check with your friendly customs people before ordering to see if there are any restrictions on importing bulbs into your country. Tulip Bulbs are usually available around September through to the end of the year but many other varieties are available at other times.

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The Bloemenmarkt


Back in 1862 with no room to set up shop a floating flower shop was set up on the southern canal belt of Amsterdam on the Singel between Muntplein and Koningsplein. This took off and today more than 15 stalls now on barges are tied to the canal banks. Here you can find tulips, narcissus and other bulbs and some of the most beautiful cut flowers and even small marijuana plants and seeds which are sort of legal in the Netherlands. The colors and the perfumes of the flowers are amazing and well worth a visit. The markets get very busy in the mornings so to avoid the rush pop in after lunch, they will still have an amazing array of flowers and bulbs.
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Mmmm Tasty Croquettes


Got a few Euro spare change kicking around in your pocket and got the munchies in Amsterdam, well a croquette shop will do the trick. Scattered through the Dutch city are great croquette shops full of stainless steel vending machines. Choose the tasty croquette you want to eat, whether it be meat, curry, vegetable cheese or some other tasty morsel, pop your Euro in the slot and simply open the door to a hot and steaming crumbed croquette. They are delicious! The staff works behind the vending wall of vending machines and all the service is automatic, that is unless you want to try the tasty Dutch version of potato chips, Pommes- complete with mayonnaise which can be bought from a staff member and is usually served in a clever paper cone.

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Madame Tussauds Amsterdam


Situated in Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam Madame Tussaurds Wax Works is one of the city’s most popular attractions. The exhibition is quite large and is spread over four floors including an entire floor dedicated to Dutch History. There are plenty of famous faces on display including all your favorite Hollywood Movie Stars and pop starts. Plenty of politicians, sport stars and other famous people in history. Although the Amsterdam centre only opened in 1971 Madame Tussaurd’s dates back 200 years and now has several places around the world including London, Las Vegas, New York, Hong Kong and Changhai. The company also has interests in Lego land, several sea parks and other tourist parks around the world.

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Greenfingers and Green Smoke plant some pot


If you went to a plant nursery in most countries and bought some cannabis seeds probably both you and the shop keeper would have a few problems with the law but not in Amsterdam. The lovely flower and garden shops along the canals sell some of the most beautiful flowers and also cannabis seeds and plants. Growing and the smoking of cannibals for personal use in Amsterdam is quiet legal and there are many cafes and coffee shops around the city where you are quiet welcome to light up and enjoy without the fear of prosecution. It might explain why the Dutch wear clogs?

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a bit too public, public toilet


This public urinal was spotted in the canal city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam does things a little different to the rest of the world, they allow hash in cafes, they like tulips and they wear clogs. Well they also like to take a wizz in the open air with only a small surrounds to avoid the embarrassment. Not sure how dwarfs would go here, but its a lot of fun watching the world go by while you are doing what comes naturally. Read the rest of this entry »

Heineken Museum – Amsterdam


The Heineken museum is one of Amsterdam’s premier attractions and well worth a visit whether you enjoy a cold beer or not. The self guided tour is great value it costs about 10 Euros and takes you on more than a journey of beer manufacturing its more a journey of the history of Amsterdam and the brewery. There are plenty of displays and quiet a few interactive areas, you can DJ in your own nightclub, you can go for a horse and buggy ride on a simulator or play some great electronic toys in the bar room. The highlight of course is the beer, and you are treated to some complementary beer in two of the special bars in the museum. When exiting the bar you are in for a surprise too, with a special gift reminding you of your visit. Don’t forget to bring some coin for the gift shop there are some great products to purchase including t-shirts, bottle openers and stubby holders. Read the rest of this entry »