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Rudy’s Bar Hells Kitchen

Baron Von Swine

Any city we visit we always like to find a cool bar to have a refreshing beer at and they don’t come much cooler than Rudy’s in New York’s Hells Kitchen. Read the rest of this entry »

Festive fun in Stuttgart

The festivals are starting to kick of in Germany, and one of the premier events is the Stuttgart Cannstatter Volkfest. It’s Stuttgart’s answer to Munich’s Octoberfest and last year attracted over 4 1/2 million visitors and over half of them from outside Stuttgart. Now in it’s 163rd year the festival runs from the 26th of September until the 12 of October and is fun for the whole family. There are some great carnival rides and attractions plus plenty of beer, infact over on million litres of beer is served during the festival and over 700,000 meals.  This year the festival has a mascot, he is WasenHasi, who is a cute little bunny, the soft toy market is going to go crazy because he is so cute. Some of the huge tents this year include Grandls hofbrau Zelt, Stamer Hof, Furstenberg Zelt and Schwaben Brau Festireli. The festival takes up a huge 68,000 square metres and is open daily from lunch time to midnight.

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Celebrating Oktoberfest Japanese Style


Yebisu Garden Place is the located in the suburb now more commonly known as Ebisu which is a suburb of Tokyo not far from Shibuya and Roppongi. The Yebisu beer head quarters is situated here. The huge complex features a beer museum complete with samples of their tasty products, a large shopping mall, several restaurants and of course an indoor beer hall. The highlight of the centre is the whimsical Oktoberfest clock which celebrates every hour and delights young and old. The clock features horse drawn carriages with beer barrels, lots of German inspired characters and of course plenty of Ompha music, which for a moment makes you feel like you are in Munich.

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Heineken Museum – Amsterdam


The Heineken museum is one of Amsterdam’s premier attractions and well worth a visit whether you enjoy a cold beer or not. The self guided tour is great value it costs about 10 Euros and takes you on more than a journey of beer manufacturing its more a journey of the history of Amsterdam and the brewery. There are plenty of displays and quiet a few interactive areas, you can DJ in your own nightclub, you can go for a horse and buggy ride on a simulator or play some great electronic toys in the bar room. The highlight of course is the beer, and you are treated to some complementary beer in two of the special bars in the museum. When exiting the bar you are in for a surprise too, with a special gift reminding you of your visit. Don’t forget to bring some coin for the gift shop there are some great products to purchase including t-shirts, bottle openers and stubby holders. Read the rest of this entry »

Japan’s Asahi Beer


Asahi beer is probably the best known Japanese beer outside Japan, and in Japan they drink it like fish. Its fresh crisp taste is a favourite and it’s not hard to see why. Its available in many forms, there are serial different can sizes including a mini can which holds about 150ml of beer right up to litre cans. Bottles too come in several sizes and of course their is the draft form which is very tasty if you can wait long enough for it to be pored. The Japanese like a big frothy head on the beer and it takes forever. They fill the glass 3/4 full with beer then flick the beer tap backwards to make a perfectly formed high frothy head. While they are spending minutes making this head all you want to do is drink the thing. The suspense make the beer taste really good… believe me! Read the rest of this entry »

Herren Pils


Stuttgart yard-brew make this delicious beer, Herren Pils it is has a fresh crisp taste and is very popular around the Stuttgart area of Germany. The brewery makes beer using the Bavarian purity law which forbids nasty preservatives and chemical additives to the beer. Read the rest of this entry »

XXXX Bitter


Poor old XXXX beer has a bit of a identity complex in Australia, it just isn’t popular outside of Queensland and the southern Carlton United products like VB and Carton Mid Strength are eating into its Queensland territory. It’s a bit of a shame because for an Australian beer it isn’t a bad drop. It’s crisp and has a good bitter taste delightful infact on a warm Queensland day- or any day for that matter.
I think people down south should give the poor old XXXX another go- it’s not what you think, maybe years ago it wasn’t all that desirable but I’m sure you will enjoy it if you have another go- and its still beer so your mates wont think you’re a pansy! Read the rest of this entry »