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Blimey! this joint is haunted by Sid James

You might remember Sid James from the risque Carry on Series of Films or the ‘Bless This House’ TV series in the 70’s. Well poor old Sid had a hearty and died during opening night of the Mating Season in 1976. Now it is believed the ghost of Sid haunts the Sunderland Empire Theatre in Sunderland north East England. Originally called the Empire Palace and opening in 1907, the theatre seats about 1800 people and is home to some pretty impressive stage shows. The theatre has an impressive huge dome which has some amazing state of the art LED lighting which really makes the theatre very spectacular. It was recently redeveloped to house West End shows and has been home to such performances as Starlight Express, Miss Saigon and My Fair Lady. This year some of the great productions include Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream coat and an old favourite Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Let’s hope Sid doesn’t scare the crowds off for this.

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Space Age toilets pop up in Lambeth


Have you ever left the local pub late at night and needed a bit of a wee and had no where to go, well the English city of Laberth, in outer London has the answer with these great pop up toilets. Instead of having unsightly toilets all over town they are installing clever pop up toilets which disappear underground when not in use. They not only go out of sight they get cleaned underground making them sparkling clean for the next visitor. The council is expecting the urinals to be such a hit, they have budgeted for about 6 over the next year which will help keep the night life areas of the city free from nasty smells and much more pleasant for visitors- and they have done it with much more taste than the Chinese did it in our story a few days back!

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A little seaside retreat for Prince Regent


Well Prince Regent who later went on to become King George IV knew how to live it up. He had a bit of gout so his physician advised him to get a bit of seawater, so after ‘slumming it’ in a rented farmhouse he decided to commission a Royal pavilion for his seaside retreat. Now the designers and builders didn’t build him a little fibro holiday house instead they built him what is probably the most spectacular palace in all of the British Empire. The building’s designer was John Nash who used themes from India and the sub continent while the interior was even more over the top, with Chinese, Indian and Islamic influences it was designed by Frederick Crace. The pavilion is a popular spot for wedding and up market functions and exhibitions. The pavilion is open to the public and special tours of the amazing complex can be arranged. Read the rest of this entry »

Valentines Day, with your partner and a llama


What could be a more romantic way to spend Valentines Day, with your partner and a llama, well if you are near Guilford in England which is about 40 minutes from the centre of London, you can have just this. The day starts with a romantic llama trek, thought he scenic hills of Surry which are looking quiet lovely although bloody cold. The trek lasts about 2 1/2 hours before ending up at a Percy’s Arms Pub at St. Martha’s Hill for a three course carvery and a glass of champagne, the dinner is for you and your partner, the llama has to stay out side. You can spend the afternoon knocking back a few pints of lager before heading home with your loved one or the llama.

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