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Supersized Snitzels and Beer

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We know what it’s like when you go on holidays, the diet goes out the window, you have a few extra beers and large meals. Well, Check out this restaurant in Hofheim, just outside Frankfurt Germany. Called Waldgeist this restaurant specializes in XXXL meals all washed down with the German favorite a supersized beer. The snitzels here don’t even fit on the plate correctly and 4 people could eat the one burger and still be full! Hit the next page for their website, its in German but the pictures and all the XXXL’s across the menu should give you an idea if you cant be bothered translating it via bablefish. If you are near Hofheim make sure you detour to Waldgeist and if you are on a diet just have one beer, a 2 litre sized beer.

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Piss Alley – bad name, ugly lane but great food!


Shomben Yokocho or Piss Alley as it is better known is a interesting collection of small huts and restaurants squeezed between train tracks and the huge Odakyo Department store in Shinjuku Tokyo. It’s not the most beautiful laneway you will come across but is still a far cry from how it looked before a tragic fire in 1999 which destroyed much of the area. But the atmosphere and the aromas still remain and it is one of Tokyo’s best hidden treasures for great food. The area was once a notorious area with illegal activities including sex, gambling and dodgy booze deals but today only about 50 metres of the strip remains. The restaurants are no larger than a standard lounge room and the food is cheap and sure is good, with some of the city’s best yakitori. The area got its lovely nickname due to the lack of sewerage in the area, but fortunatly things have changed and plumbers have cleaned up the area. For those after a bit of a alcoholic treat when visiting the area try a Karai Shochu its a vodka like drink which has extremely hot chilli peppers dissolved in it… only a brave person will go back for seconds.

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Mmmm Tasty Croquettes


Got a few Euro spare change kicking around in your pocket and got the munchies in Amsterdam, well a croquette shop will do the trick. Scattered through the Dutch city are great croquette shops full of stainless steel vending machines. Choose the tasty croquette you want to eat, whether it be meat, curry, vegetable cheese or some other tasty morsel, pop your Euro in the slot and simply open the door to a hot and steaming crumbed croquette. They are delicious! The staff works behind the vending wall of vending machines and all the service is automatic, that is unless you want to try the tasty Dutch version of potato chips, Pommes- complete with mayonnaise which can be bought from a staff member and is usually served in a clever paper cone.

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There’s no service at this restaurant

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At this restaurant known as ‘s Baggers in Nurnberg Germany you wont find any waiters to take your order or to bring drinks to the table, instead you will find a touch screen computer and something that looks like a food rollercoaster that bring food directly to your table. When you get a table at this futuristic restaurant you make your order via the computer at your table, your meals is then prepared by humans (not robots) in the upstairs kitchen and sent on a ride to your table. The restaurant claims that the system cuts costs and improves efficiency making for an overall better dining experience. The food served is called Franconian Style which is an old German style of cooking the name baggers comes from a potato fritter style dish. Read the rest of this entry »

Fancy a sausage at the Bratwursthäusle

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With Oktoberfest starting in Germany in only a couple of days we thougth we would start the festivities a bit earlier here at Tripandom. We found this great sausage restaurant in Nurnberg in a city which is known for the world’s biggest Christmas market and remembered it’s nasty past where it was the birthplace of the Third Reich- but probably its biggest call to fame is the home of the Bratwurst sausage. There’s probably no better place to try one of these tasty morcels than at the Bratwursthausle. The restaurant cooks their bratwursts in three different ways- you need to try all three – they have roasted ones called the Brat and poached ones in a hot vinegary wine sauce with onions which they call saure zipfel they aslo do a rauch which is a tasty smoked variety all covered with Nürnberg senf which is a delicious mustard then wash them all down with a  couple of litres of Nurberg’s best beer and have you got a great dinner on your hands. Read the rest of this entry »

Acthung! Hot Chips


We have all seen vending machines serving soft drinks, coffee and chocolates and even vending machine restaurants in Japan, but here’s a first, sitting quietly on a subway station in the German City of Berlin is this amazing machine – it cooks and serves hot chips or pommes as the Europeans like to call them. You put your Euro in the slot press a button, a lot of noises go on then in 45 short seconds (and hopefully before your train arrives) a bucket of crisp freshly fried hot steaming chips appear… Delicious

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Mc Spam? only in the USA


Spam has been notorious over the years for being the mystery meat in a can, no its not made of cute little kittens it is in fact made of a mixture of ham and pork with some spices to add a bit of flavour. In Hawaii they love it, they are the worlds largest consumer of this tasty product and now giant fast food giants Mc Donald’s and Burger King have got in on the act and are selling it on their breakfast menus. Mc Donald’s have 78 outlets in Hawaii and are trying their special eggs, rice and spam meal until the end of July. After then they may ad it to their regular menu if it becomes a popular as they expect. Hawaii’s 7 Eleven chain have also got on in the act, and hope to attract some of the huge Japanese tourist numbers to their stores with a Spam musubi wrapped in rice and seaweed… how yummy!

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KFC Monster Zinger


Take a look at this Zinger meal deal- this was purchased in Honolulu Hawaii, -You wouldn’t want to take your shirt off on Waikiki beach after eating one of these monsters, and its just the standard meal, you could upsize to a medium and a large. what are they thinking. No wonder the average American is huge- this one alone is enough to feed a whole family- the big one would probably stop famine in a small country. Read the rest of this entry »

Deadly fish for dinner anyone?


The fugu of blow fish is a poisonous fish a bit like a toady or a puffer fish. These fish are deadly if prepared the wrong way, chefs need to have a licence to serve the fish and tasters need to sign a disclaimer in most restaurants. The gizzards (which are usually the best stuff in Japan) have deadly poison and if contaminated with the meat will kill the eater very fast – the poison paralyses the muscles causing asphyxiation. Due to the nature of the dish it is very expensive and many people die every year after eating contaminated Fugu. It was illegal to serve the fish up until 1958. For anyone interested there is a Fugu museum in Osaka. Fugi restaurant can be found by looking for the giant fugi decoration at the front of the premises. Read the rest of this entry »

Great English Counter Meal


If your ever looking for a great meal in London head to the nearest pub and order a pint and a toad in the hole- you wont be disappointed. This has got to be the best pub meal ever. Don’t be alarmed your not in France so its not a frog, its a magnificent dish with some sausages, onion and mash potato served in a crispy vol au vant like basket covered in rich brown gravy. You will love it- and for only a few quid it is a bargain. Washed down with a few pints of refreshing lager you have had a great lunch. Read the rest of this entry »