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Halloween Horror Nights 2008

Halloween Horror Nights seems to be this country’s best kept secret when it comes to Halloween festivities. It is a huge local event at Universal Studios Orlando, as well as Universal Studios Hollywood. Thousands of horror fans are drawn in to this annual event. Now in its 18th year, it is said to be scarier than ever!

For over 75 years Universal Studios has been making horror films that have stood the test of time. Universal Studios reflects their expertise in horror with their annual interpretations of Halloween Horror Nights. Each year leads a different theme and scare-tactic. This year, Universal Studios Orlando plays on the imagination of a child. Everything that scared you when you were younger has come back to haunt you at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Bloody Mary, the Boogie Man, twisted Fairy Tales, and, of course, Jack the Clown. But there is a major twist to this year’s party there is no where to hide! Usually at Halloween Horror Nights, there are safe-zones where you can peacefully walk without having anything jump out at you. But, this year, there is none of that. You are completely immersed in the horror experience.

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