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Dutch tourists ripped off by Indian food seller

Tasty Samosas

Tasty Samosas

We think it must be a slow news day at Reuters after reading this story about a Dutch couple who paid around $200 US for a plate of 4 samosas in India. Apparently the food seller tried to pull a fast one on them by telling the couple they were “special samosas”, now we are pretty sure these guys were not the first to be overcharged in India but it is a pretty funny story considering samosas normally cost around a buck each. Alls well that ends well, as the tourists got their money back after complaining to the police. Have you got your own horror of being ripped off while travelling? Or do you know of any good scams to avoid? Hit up our comment form below as we will be featuring a “popular tourist scams to avoid” series soon. Also if you now got the taste for some Indian Samosas check out our recipe on our sister site, we promise they are cheap to make and wont give you Delhi belly.

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Snakes on an Air India plane

In the oddest case of life imitating art, an Air India Airbus A319 recently had a bit of trouble with a snake who somehow found his way onto the plane. The snake was happily curled up under a seat but got disturbed while checks were done between flights. He then slithered off into an air vent making capture by airline authorities impossible. Air India is playing down the incident but the idea of a snake lost on a plane has stirred the interest of media much like interest Samuel L Jackson’s 2006 film, Snakes on a Plane, caused amongst the Internet community when it was released. So where did the snake come from? Our guess is a snake charmer has lost part of his act, if you got a better explanation hit up our comment form below. Read the rest of this entry »

A touch of spice and a few goats


Kochi or Cochin as it was know in Colonial times is a vibrant city on India’s south west coast and home to one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. Being a harbor city the city forged its history on trading, fishing and spice. Today spice is still big business and no Cochin Spice Market or Bazaar has an aroma that you can smell for blocks. The market is amazing with both smell and colour. The flavors of chilli, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon even out smell the wandering goats. Cochi has been trading spices since the 1st century and has a quaint colonial style and plenty of history and a great place to visit for anyone planning a trip to India. Read the rest of this entry »

Driving in India

YouTube direct

Some countries are well known for their crazy drivers, and India is no exception. Our youtube pick of the week is of an intersection in India where cars an motorbikes seem to play chicken with each other. If you intend to rent a car in India make sure you option up the insurance and familiarise your self with where the cars horn is located. Read the rest of this entry »