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Sydney Rocks

When we think of Sydney Australia we think about the beautiful Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge but one of the jewels of the city and and one of the most popular tourist attractions are the Sydney Rocks. The Rocks is a historic precinct not far from the Harbor Bridge and the Circular Quay precinct.  The Rocks date back to pretty much English settlement of Sydney in 1788 when the area quickly became a hive of activity with pubs and lodging and a bustling port trade. Drinking and gaming was soon followed by prostitution and other forms of illigal activities. The area became a wasteland in the early 1900’s with the city moving on leaving the Rocks behind to decay. The building of the Bridge regained interest in redeveloping the area but World War II stalled the plan and the area became even more run down. During the 1960’s the government planned to turn the area into a modern showcase of concrete and glass skyscrapers, this got the public off side and many sought to fight for the heritage of the area. The people won over development and slowly the area was rebuilt and restored into a jewel of the city. Today the rocks is a historic collection of great old pubs, cafes, restaurants, galleries and many other tourist based industries. The area is popular for its weekend craft markets and many of the city’s events it is a must see for anyone visiting Sydney.

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Cockatoo Island

For magnificent views of Sydney Harbour and a interesting look back at some of Australia’ s most important manufacturing heritage Cockatoo Island is a must for someone looking for something a bit different to do in this beautiful waterfront city.  Cockatoo Island is the largest island within Sydney Harbor and is managed by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. This island as well as being a prison and a range of other things the island has been the site of one of the country’s biggest shipyards. Today many of the industrial and convict past remains and they offer an amazing insight into the past. The historic sandstone prison buildings have even been nominated for World Heritage Protection.  The island is easily accessed from ferry and there are luxury campsites offering one of the best views of Sydney.  The island is a perfect place to kick back and watch the harbor sites and escape the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s great cities.

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Fun on Sydney Harbor


After the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House, Sydney’s Luna Park would have to be the third most famous icon on Sydney Harbour. dating back to 1935 the theme park has had a somewhat chequered, troubled and sometimes tragic existence but remains one of Sydney’s most loved places.  Today the park is home to quiet a few heritage buildings and some fun amusement rides, including a historic carousel and 35 metre high Ferris wheel. Luna Park plays hosts to plenty of events during the year, including private functions and music festivals, it has also played host to major TV events like the MTV Australia Music Awards a few years back.  The park is a favourite weekends and in particular school holidays, admission is free and you only pay for the rides and attractions. Make sure when visiting to take your camera on the Ferris wheel the views of Sydney harbor are just sensational. Read the rest of this entry »

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks

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The biggest annual fireworks display in Australia has to be new years eve on Sydney Harbour. Sydney’s Harbour Bridge is the main stage for the fireworks and every year a new theme to accompany the fireworks is created where an icon of the theme is illuminated on the bridge as part of the display. Around 1.5 million people viewed last years event with hotels always being fully booked over the new year period. The benefit of the fireworks in Sydney is that there is so many places to view the fireworks from as the huge harbour has several great vantage spot from the Gladesville Bridge to the Heads of Sydney Harbour the most popular spots around the bridge area often fill up by the afternoon of the event with the area from Circular Quay round the Sydney Opera House to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in the Botanic Gardens being the most popular. If you are heading to the event hit up the official website below to get the low down on where to get the best view. Read the rest of this entry »

The Air Bar

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Some of our regular readers may remember the floating dining table we featured a few months back, well its coming to down under thanks to Mc Kenna Bourbon. Now known as the McKenna Air Bar it basically is a dining table that gets hoisted up in the air while riders on it sip bourbon and listen to a DJ, its currently set up on Cockatoo island in Sydney but looks to be doing most of the Australian capitals over summer. Check out the official site below to get dates and tickets. Read the rest of this entry »

The Pope pops in to Darling Harbour


This week His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and thousands of visitors from all around the world have flocked to Sydney to be part of the World Youth Day celebrations and one of the major locations for the celebrations was Barangroo on the Northern edge of Darling Harbour, offering spectacular views of one of the world’s most scenic cites. Over the coming years Barangroo will be come an extension to the growing city and the Darling Harbour leisure precinct. Darling Harbour is a huge recreational precinct stretching nearly the whole length of the city. Packed with restaurants, shopping, hotels and apartments the area has many of Sydney’s premier attractions including the Star City Casino, The IMAX, Sydney Aquarium, National Maritime Museum and the magnificent Powerhouse Museum, plus many conference and convention centres like the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Convention Centre and Sydney Entertainment Centre. The Precinct is also the gateway to Sydney’s vibrant Chinatown, Australia’s largest. Darling Harbour is linked to the city with a monorail, a light rail system and plenty of watercraft which travel to all parts of Sydney’s magnificent harbour. Read the rest of this entry »

Colonel Sander’s favorite Sydney fast food – a pie?


Harry’s Cafe de Wheels in Woolloomooloo is a Sydney institution. Located on Cowper Wharf Road near Finger Wharf overlooking the Garden Island naval fleet this caravan has been serving Sydney’s best pies and in particular pie floaters since 1938. The cafe is so much a Sydney icon it is on the National Trust Register as a significant location. The caravan stated before the Second World War and over the years has had a host of big names eat there including Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Marlene Dietrich and the king of fast food Colonel Sanders himself- who legend tells liked the pies so much he ate three of them. There is a picture of the Colonel out the front hoing into a pie along with a host of other big names who have had their picture taken over the years. The caravan has quiet a variety of pies including a seafood pie and the famous Tiger pie which is packed with bacon and cheese but everyone’s favorite is the classic pie floater. Here a rich meat and gravy pie is topped with mashed potato, waxy mushy peas and topped with tasty brown gravy- they are absolutely delicious. Harry’s has become so popular in recent years a few more stores have popped up over Sydney including one in the city’s Haymarket one at Liverpool and another one up the coast at Newcastle. Read the rest of this entry »

Fatso the Fat Arsed Wombat


During the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Fatso the Fat Arsed Wombat became the unofficial Olympic mascot and was caused quiet a stir doing it. The official mascots were Syd, Ollie and Mille they were a Platypus, an echidna and Kookaburra but they got overshaddowed by Fatso. Fatso was the creation of a Sydney cartoonist and featured on Sport’s comedians Roy & HG’s nightly show The Dream he overshaddowed the real mascots to the point the Australian Olympic Committe tried to ban him or stop their athletes getting seen with him.. Fatso survived and won the day he even ended up standing on the dias during a medal presentation. Fatso eventually got auctioned for charty reaching over $80,000, now living in a glass box in a TV executives office. But Fatso lives on and has been imortalised right outside the Sydney Olympic Stadium where a lifesize model of the fat arsed wombat appears on a pole showing all his glory. A must for anyone visiting the home of the best Olympics Games ever.

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The Sydney Opera House


There is probably not a more recognisable image of Australia than the magnificent sails of the Sydney Opera House, one of the world’s most beautiful and creative buildings. Sitting on the banks of Sydney’s beautiful harbor the Opera House Sydney Opera House recently received World Heritage recognition. It is one of the architectural wonders of the world, designed by Jorn Utzon, the building is truly amazing. The building is going under some extensive redesign with the help of Mr Utzon who after much controversy never had the chance to see the finished building. The building will receive some modernization inside which will also include some original design features which were never built into the building after cost over runs and political involvement. There are always different performances running from opera, jazz, rock, or comedy, ballet or theatre, the theatres are so versatile. But to see the real Opera House a tour is the best idea. Here you can learn about the interesting history of the building and see many of the behinds the scenes things you would never see sitting in the beautiful theatres.

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Sydney Cricket Ground


The Sydney Cricket Ground is one of Australia’s most historic sporting arenas, dating back to the mid 1860’s. The ground was the scene of champion Australian Cricketer Don Bradman’s incredible 452 runs not out in 1930 and since then has played host to some of Cricket’s biggest games as well as hosting the 1938 Empire Games, AFL Football, Rugby and major concert events. The SCG offers a great tour with plenty of history and a behind the scenes look at this magnificent stadium.

This Summer the SCG plays host to India vs Australia in the International Test Cricket Series.

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