A little seaside retreat for Prince Regent


Well Prince Regent who later went on to become King George IV knew how to live it up. He had a bit of gout so his physician advised him to get a bit of seawater, so after ‘slumming it’ in a rented farmhouse he decided to commission a Royal pavilion for his seaside retreat. Now the designers and builders didn’t build him a little fibro holiday house instead they built him what is probably the most spectacular palace in all of the British Empire. The building’s designer was John Nash who used themes from India and the sub continent while the interior was even more over the top, with Chinese, Indian and Islamic influences it was designed by Frederick Crace. The pavilion is a popular spot for wedding and up market functions and exhibitions. The pavilion is open to the public and special tours of the amazing complex can be arranged.

for more information: http://www.royalpavilion.org.uk/

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  1. #1 Mike
    on Feb 13th, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    Correctl me if I`m wrong, but I was under the (possibly mistaken) impression that Nash embellished a much plainer structure that had been built to the designs of Henry Holland.

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