A banquet room fit for a queen

Visitors to London are in for a real treat with the first ever opening of the Queen’s State Banquet Room at Buckingham Palce. The magnificent room can seat 170 guests in the most amazing splendor and specticale. The room is so special only 77 banquets have been held while Queen Elizabeth II has reigned, they are only held in honour of very special guests including special heads of state. The room is open to the public for a small fee from July 29th to September 29th this year and it is a once in a life time chance to see the lavishness and the precision of this room and events held there. The silver ware and porcelean, the art work and the workmanship is just amazing. You never know you might even get to get an invite for scones and tea with the Queen.

For more information: http://www.royalcollection.org.uk

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