Burning Man

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The week long Burning Man festival has just finished and anyone who hasn’t been there may be asking what it is all about. Burning man is a type of festival held in the Nevada Desert in a temporary mini city constructed for the event known as Black Rock City. The festival gets its name from the huge wooden effigy that is burned at the end of the event each year. The event is often described as an experiment in community and self expression and is well known for the spectacular art instalations and mutent vehicles that get constructed for the event by anyone who feels like. This years event attracted just under 50,000 people and with a “leave no trace” and now that the event is over most of these participants will be working hard to make sure the desert looks just like the way they found it. There are quite a few videos on Youtube of the event, we thought the one above from 2002 was a good quick timelapse of what the event is about.


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