Coney Island

Coney Island was once considered one of the world’s best amusements parks, but that was a very very long time ago. Today there are a few small attractions, a few shops, food vendors and a large boardwalk and beach. Before World War II Coney Island was the biggest amusement park in the United States, today the area is a shadow of its former self and in some places looks very run down. There have been various plans to restore or redevelop the area over the years but none have gained too much momentum.  We think this is probably not a bad thing as some of the venues of the area have a quaint charm about them that would be a great loss if destroyed.

If you want to head to Coney Island you can take the D F N or Q Train from Manhattan across Brooklyn to Coney Island Station, Coney Island Station is across the Road from Nations Famous Hot Dog Stand, Home of the World Hot Dog Eating Championships.  In case you are wondering, you will need to eat 59 hot dogs to beat the current champion.

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