Hoegh Pet Casket Factory Tour


We have had some weird attractions on Tripandom, but this one takes the cake. A factory tour of a pet casket manufacturer- how bizarre! Hoegh Pet Casket’s is in Gladstone, Michigan in the good old USA. They have been making coffins for pets since 1966 and now make 8 sizes and 21 styles fit for any dead pet. The caskets are made of a high impact styrene product and sell nearly 35,000 of them a year some even trimmed with lace and pillows. It’s not only dogs and cats who get buried in these beautiful caskets, ducks, pigs, rabbits, lizards you name it – there’s a casket for just about anything. They also sell a huge range of cremation urns and memorials. The Hoegh Pet Casket tours can be arranged Monday to Friday between 8 and 4, here you will not only see how the caskets are produced but visit their model cemetery

For more information: http://www.hoeghpetcaskets.com/

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