Le Reve

While on my recent trip to Las Vegas, I got the opportunity to see one of the hottest Las Vegas shows on the Strip: Le Reve. Le Reve was a refreshing change of scenery from the other Las Vegas shows. The show was riveting, romantic, funny, and delicately done.

As I entered the theater, I was shocked to find how intimate the theater really was. At a Las Vegas performance, you would expect to find yourself as one among a humongous crowd, but this was not the case. The round theater surrounds all of the action and is only about 16 rows high, so there is NOT a bad seat in the house. We were a few rows above the Splash Zone. The Splash Zone gets its name from being so close to the water stage. The entire stage is made up of water, and platforms rise and submerge into the water like magic throughout the show.

As the lights dimmed down, it was if we were taken into the private imagination of a young woman. As the young woman lies down to go to bed, her bed submerges into the dark water and we are taken along with her into her dream world. The audience is immediately immersed in her dream world of swimming, diving, flying, and dancing characters. The synchronized female swimmers dancing to a tango in the water was AMAZING! Seeing athletically fit legs with fire-engine red heels pop in and out of the water, set to music, was such a neat effect to watch. I also loved the death-defying 80+ foot plunge by both female and male divers into the pool. Artistic elements really made this show! The little touches like the red high heels, lighting, interpretive break dancing, and sounds of water made the show what it was! But, I was expecting a dramatic performance the entire time. This was not the case. There were bits of humor thrown in by four angels who floated in and out of the young girl’s dream. The humor added that bit of comic relief that is refreshing to see at such an artistic and interpretive performance. The entire performance is the artistic interpretation of Picasso’s painting, Le Reve (which means the dream). It is fascinating to see how the director took his favorite elements of the painting and the emotions evoked from those elements and formed it into an entire artistic display for all to see.

I don’t want to give away ALL of the elements of the show, but you MUST see this show if you are ever in Las Vegas. It one of the best shows in Vegas! Le Reve is held in the Le Reve Theater at the Wynn Las Vegas. If you are going to Las Vegas, buy your Las Vegas show tickets ahead of time! You don’t want to miss it!

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