New York Week – Times Square

Times Square is known as the Crossroads to the World and is one of New York’s most exciting intersections. The square is really just a huge junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretches about three blocks from West 42nd Street to West 47th Streets. The intersection is a dazzling display of huge video screens displaying all the must have products being advertized by whoever is the celebrity face of the minute. Once a bit of a sceeedy area the area is now family friendly and home to many iconic restaurants, bars, cafes and specialty stores, including New York’s Hard Rock Café, the M&Ms store, Toys R Us, Virgin Megastore and Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co. Then there are theatres including the New Amsterdam Theatre home to Mary Poppins and the rest of Broadway is only steps away. Currently Times Square has been closed to cars, as a trial to turn the area into a pedestrian only zone, trials have been good and have hopefully after some studies of traffic flow and the surrounding area the area may become permanently car free. New Years Eve is the biggest celebration of the year at Times Square, hundreds of thousands gather in the often freezing temperatures to watch the crystal ball drop at the count of midnight.

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