Smooth wiskey at the Jack Daniel Distillery


Jack Daniels is a American as apple pie and is also the country’s oldest distillery beginning way back in 1866. Producing sour mash Tennessee Whiskey which is loved all around the world. The tiny town of Lynchburg in Tennessee is home to the distillery and has under 400 residents. The distillery has a fantastic tour of their facilities which includes a guided tour of the slow process to produce this fine whiskey which is made from cave spring water and sour mash then charcoal mellowed in special oak barrels. Tours take a little over an hour and start every 15 minutes between 9 and 4. They operate every day except some holidays. Interestingly the county is a dry county and no liquor can be purchased but the White Rabbit Bottle Shop is just down the road and they have some great Jack Daniel’s merchandise to purchase.

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