The Beatles Love in Las Vegas


The Vegas strip sure has had some great stage shows over the years, Elvis the King, Frank Sinatra, Ziegfied and Roy and and and more recently Elton John and Cilone Dion, but the most specatacular and talked about show at the moment would have to be the breathtaking Cirque du Soleil “Love” set to the Beatles greatest hits at the Mirage Casino. Beatles Love is the latest Album released by what many regard as the best band of all time. It originally started as an idea by George Harrison and his friend Guy Lalibert, one of Cirque’s founders. After years of planning original Beatles producer Sir George Martin and his son Giles went to work on remastering and remixing many of the Beatles greatest hits, while the circus was developed resulting in and amazing specticle. A special theatre was even built to house the elaborate set, called the Love theatre it houses 2013 seats and an amazing 6341 speakers and one of the most technically advanced stages which sits centally in th theatre. The show has shown to packed houses ever since and looks like being on the Vegas strip for many years to come.

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