Toms Diner

Toms Restaurant

Toms Restaurant

Best known for its role in the 90’s TV comedy Seinfeld. Toms Restaurant is a diner located on the corner of Broadway and 112th Street in the Morningside Heights district of Manhattan. Itis popular with local students and tourists who flock to the restaurant to eat where the gang from Seinfeld ate each episode, so expect a wait for a table on busy days. In fact the interior shots where just a set and nothing like what the Tom’s is laid out like and in most episodes the image of the building is taken from its side (similar to the one we shot here) in order to hide the Tom’s name on the front of the building as in the series it was refered to as Monks Cafe. The restaurant was also the basis of the Suzzane Vega song “Toms Diner”.

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