Warning- Treckies everywhere!


Thousands of Trekies and even a few normal people flock to the Las Vegas Hilton daily to visit the Star Trek Experience for a amazing adventure to the 24th century in a 4D spectacular. There are two shows to catch the Klingon Encounter and the recently opened Borg Invasion both use state of the art technology and are great fun. The experience also features a Star Trek museum where you can see some of the original props and costumes plus plenty of memorabilia. And of course there is the Star Trek gift shop at the close of the experience where you can pick up just about any imaginable piece of Star Trek souvenir and while you are at the Hilton why not catch a show from Barry Manilow or one of the other superstar entertainers who regularly play there.

Post update: The Star Trek Experience closed in September 08, which made us sad since we were visiting Vegas in October!  Rumor has it it will reopen elsewhere in Vegas in the future. we will let you know more when it reopens.

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