The Big One

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Pleasure Beach is an amusement park in the popular holiday town of Blackpool UK, it is most well known for its huge rollercoaster the Pepsi Max Big One. The imaginatively named “Big One” was opened in 1994 and at the time it was the tallest in the world but has since lost the title to two other coasters in Rust, Germany and Fujiyama, Japan. The coaster was featured in the TV series “engineering at the cutting edge”. Sitting on the edge of the beach it takes a bit of foundations to get the thing to stay where it is, reportedly costing as much as the coaster itself. There are many tourist attractions and amusements in Blackpool, hit the next page to see the satellite view of Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach and follow the beach along to Blackpool’s famous tower and piers.

Satellite view of Pleasure Beach

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